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CPR/AED/FIRST AID Training Student Reviews

Our best advertisement for our services are the reviews we receive from our students who have attended any one of our CPR/AED/FA classes. 
Here are some of their reviews:

“Well paced, informative, Instructor was very receptive to our questions.”

Alex, Evanston, IL  [3/5/2020]

“Training was clear, thorough and professional.  It made me feel confident in my ability to provide this service if ever called to do so.  Thank you Mary!”  Barbara, Evanston, IL  [3/14/2020]

“MTT [Mary] taught an informative class - all medical mysteries revealed.  Great class taught.” 

– Dan C., Chicago IL [7/18/2020]

“I found that MTT [Mary] did a wonderful job.  She get’s an A plus from me.” 

O. Davis, Chicago, IL [7/18/2020]

“Loved this training service, will recommend this service for other companies. 

–  Corey S. [7/25/2020]

Very good and excellent training.  Fun, enlightening, well-organized training program. 

– Kenyetta B.  [7/25/2020]

Highly recommend.  I will take it again.  Very fun and cool trainer. – Phillip F. [7/25/2020]

Mary was amazing and very informative.  She made the class entertaining and knowledgable.  I would definitely recommend for anyone’s trainings. 

– Elisa W., Chicago, [2/25/2021]

“Mary was funny and comfortable to learn from.  She was thorough and was more than happy to make sure we all had it correct. –  Anonymous Titan Security Officer  [3/27/2021]

“Very informative and useful training”…“I really learned a lot from the CPR/AED and First Aid training class that you presented...Thank you very much.”  Elton M.  [3/26/2020]

“My instructor was wonderful.  She explain[ed] everything to the class about CPR AED and

First Aid to the best of our knowledge.  I really love this class and I would look forward to get[ting] more training in the future.”  J. Melendez, Chicago, [4/24/2021]

“Great teacher! Keeps everyone engaged.” – Semaj L., [Chicago, 6/10/2021]

“I really enjoyed the CPR/AED training course.  Instructor Mary was very informative.  

I liked that we were able to practice step by step.  I would recommend this course to others.” 

Martavia W., Chicago IL [12/18/2021]

“This course was very helpful and the instructor Mary was very effective and helpful explaining each topic. The humor of her 100% helped conquer the course. 

I will definitely recommend 10/10.” Tonteanna B., Chicago, IL [12/18/2021]

Mary was phenomenal. She explained every technique extremely well and it was easy to understand.  She did great.  Would definitely take her class again when needed.  Thanks Mary!Latoya T., Chicago, IL [3/11/2022]

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