Student Reviews

Our best advertisement for our services are the reviews

we receive from our students who have attended any one of our classes. 

Here are some of their reviews:

“Well paced, informative, Instructor was very receptive to our questions.”

Alex, Evanston, IL  [3/5/2020]

“Training was clear, thorough and professional. It made me feel confident

in my ability to provide this service if ever called to do so.  Thank you Mary!” 

Barbara, Evanston, IL  [3/14/2020]

“MTT [Mary] taught an informative class - all medical mysteries revealed.

Great class taught.”  Dan C., Chicago IL [7/18/2020]

“I found that MTT [Mary] did a wonderful job.  She get’s an A plus from me.” 

O. Davis, Chicago, IL [7/18/2020]

“Loved this training service, will recommend this service for other companies. 

–  Corey S. [7/25/2020]

Very good and excellent training. Fun, enlightening, well-organized training program. 

– Kenyetta B.  [7/25/2020]

Highly recommend. I will take it again. Very fun and cool trainer. – Phillip F. [7/25/2020]

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