IL 20-HR Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training Student Reviews

Our best advertisement for our services are the reviews we receive from our students who have attended any one of our

IL 20-HR Unarmed Basic Security Officer training classes. Here are some of their reviews:

Amazing class!  Amazing trainer!  I’ve taken this class once before and did not learn 1/3 of what Mary taught us.  Best money I’ve spent this year!” – Victoria, Chicago, 10/12/2021

Great Training.” – Dana H., Chicago, IL 3/4/2022

“Mary Therese Tylus kept me engaged for 10 straight hours through use of visual tools, personal ancedotes, and a clearly expansive background knowledge on the subject. I can honestly say I’ve learned more in this training course than I ever thought possible and anyone that has the pleasure of taking this course should feel lucky they have such a great instructor.”

– Joel C. N., Chicago, IL 3/4/2022